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Dental Amalgam

In compliance with the Clean Water Act, the Environmental Protection Agency has adopted a rule, 40 CFR Part 441, to control the discharge of mercury and other metals into the waste stream from dental practices. This rule closely follows American Dental Association Best Management Practices (BMP's). The rule will regulate dental practices that place or remove amalgam ? it is not intended to apply to dental practices such as orthodontic and periodontal practices (limited emergency placement or removal of amalgam is exempt). The effective date of the rule is July 14, 2017. The compliance date for most dentists will be July 14, 2020.

Under the final rule, a dental facility that places or removes amalgam shall be subject to two BMP's:

  1. Collect and recycle scrap amalgam;
  2. Clean the chairside traps with non-bleach or non-chlorine cleanser so as not to release mercury.

The rule includes an amalgam separator requirement that is compliant with either:

  1. The American National Standards Institute American National Standard/American Dental Association Specification 108 for Amalgam Separators (2009) with Technical Addendum (2011);
  2. The International Organization for Standardization 11143 Standard (2008) or subsequent versions so long as that version requires amalgam separators to achieve at least a 95 percent removal efficiency.

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