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Special Discharges

BCWS’s pretreatment program issues permits to industries with ongoing (continuous) discharges. Additionally, short-term "one-time" discharges may be discharged to the sewer system through the Special Wastewater Discharge program. The Special Wastewater Discharge program is designed to allow BCWS to have sufficient control over the type and characteristics of the wastewater being discharged and to ensure that contaminants are not allowed to enter the sewer system which could potentially cause problems at the treatment plant (such as upset conditions, pass through or violation of limits).

Through the Special Wastewater Discharge program, wastewater is discharged to an on-site sewer connection. Typical types of Special Wastewater Discharges include Underground Storage Tank (UST) mitigation projects, floor cleaning operations, off-spec product, car wash holding tanks and purge water from monitoring wells.

Special Wastewater Discharge Program Application

To apply for the special wastewater discharge program, please complete the Special Wastewater Discharge Application or the Underground Storage Tank Application and contact Industrial Services at (513) 887-5573 to describe your request.

All samples must be sampled and analyzed in accordance with BCWS Sample Collection and Analysis Requirements. Based on your application and test results, BCWS may choose to request additional analyses and/or approve or deny the special wastewater discharge request.

Please allow a minimum of two weeks for application processing.