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Residential and Commercial/Industrial Water and Sewer Rates

Effective, June 1, 2022 Butler County water and sewer rates will increase 3%.  Effective, January 1, 2023 Butler County water rates will increase 2% and the sewer rates will increase 3%.
After the initial 2022 rate adjustment, the average residential water and sewer user of 5,000 gallons will experience a $1.44 increase per month.  $0.81 cents of this amount is the water adjustment and $0.63 of this amount is the sewer adjustment.

Butler County has not adjusted water or sanitary sewer rates since 2009.   The change in 2009 was a reduction to both water and sewer rates.  Over the 13 year period of time in which the rates were maintained at the reduced levels, costs to deliver water and to transport, treat and dispose of sanitary sewer discharge have continued to increase.  Butler County Water & Sewer remains committed to delivering water and sewer service at the highest standard possible and reasonable cost. 

This rate adjustment is necessary to cover escalated costs while continuing to maintain a reinvestment in the water and sewer infrastructure.  Planned capital projects include cast iron water main replacements, water pump station upgrades, trunk sewer cleaning and rehabilitation, and water reclamation facility improvements including the ability to reduce biosolids quantities by 80% at the Upper Mill Creek facility.

According to a study conducted annually by the City of Oakwood and the City of Piqua comparing water and sewer rates of over 60 utilities in the area, Butler County water and sewer rates have moved from the 54th least expensive to the 5th least expensive since 2008.  The Butler County rate adjustments this year and next year are below the average increases experienced each year by the other water and sewer utilities in the region.

Please visit us at water.bcohio.us or call us at 513-887-3066 if you have any questions or concerns about your service or this rate information.