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Watershed Protection

A clean, healthy streamButler County is made up of two major watersheds: the Great Miami River watershed and the Upper Mill Creek watershed. A watershed is the land that surrounds and drains rain, snowmelt, and other water into a lake, pond, wetland, stream, or river. Keeping our rivers and streams clean has many benefits:

  • Wildlife Habitats
    Clean water is critical to plants and animals that live in water or depend on shoreline, beaches and marshes. Migratory water birds also use the areas for resting and feeding.
  • Recreation and Quality of Life
    Water is a playground for us all. Many people chose to live in or around a watershed because of the scenic and recreational opportunities. Visitors enjoy activities such as swimming, fishing, boating and picnicking.
  • Health Concerns
    If not properly treated, water can carry diseases. We must remove harmful bacteria to make the water safe for work and play.

Watershed Partners

BCWS works with several partners to help preserve and protect the water quality of our region.

Butler County Soil & Water District logoThe Butler Soil and Water Conservation District is dedicated to protecting and improving the soil and water resources of the county by providing education and technical assistance about conservation practices.

Hamilton to New Baltimore Groundwater Consortium logo

The Hamilton to New Baltimore Ground Water Consortium is a partnership of six public and industrial ground water producers and users dedicated to protecting water resources in southwest Ohio.

Miami Conservency District logoThe Miami Conservancy District protects the region from flooding, preserves the quality and quantity of water, and promotes the enjoyment of our waterways.

Mill Creek Council of Communities logoThe Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities enables Mill Creek communities to protect and enhance the value of the Mill Creek, its tributaries, and watershed. Through collaborative action, the Council strives to make the Mill Creek area a more desirable place to live, work and play.

Ohio State University Extension logo Ohio State University Extension, Butler County is an outreach arm of The Ohio State University. Our goal is to improve and strengthen the lives of all Butler County residents—rural, urban, all ages, sizes and races by offering diverse programming for our citizens in the areas of 4-H Youth Development, Family and Consumer Sciences, Community Development, and Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Three Valley Conservation Trust logo

The Three Valley Conservation Trust works to conserve the natural environment and cultural heritage in the Four Mile/Seven Mile, Indian Creek and Twin Creek valleys.